Kevin O’Leary Schools CNN Reporter On Trump Judgment In New York Case

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Kevin O’Leary: Trump judgment left investors asking ‘who’s next?’

CNN’s Laura Coates speaks with Kevin O’Leary, “Shark Tank” judge and Chairman of O’Leary Ventures, about the $355 million judgment against former President Donald Trump.

President Trump has been ordered to pay $83.3m and $354m. Combined its $437m. Including interest, it could be another $100m. His net worth is estimated to be between $2b to $2.6b.

That’s estimated to be between 21% to 27% of his net worth.

However, experts have claimed that Trump has somewhere between $600m to $700m is in cash. Trump has said that he only has $400m in cash. This may seem like a lot to the average person but not when you’re being asked to pay $537m in damages + interest.

This doesn’t include the legal fees that have been pilling up as well as the fines his two sons received. If he chooses to appeal, he would have to secure a bond by putting up about 10% of the total amount owed. That could be $44m which he may not get back.

In other words, this nonsense decision and insane dollar amount by the judge could deplete Trump’s savings anywhere from (-$137m) to $163m.

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