Australian Politicians Listening To World Class Experts On Covid-19

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(1) PART 1: Geert Vanden Bossche – Covid-19 Expert Speaks To Australian Politicians
(2) Robert Malone
(3) PART 3: Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

VIDEO 1: Geert Vanden Bossche

Key Points:

  • Vaccination of whole populations with a vaccine that can not induce sterilizing immunity (can not stop the spread of the virus). This increases high immune pressure and can only drive and promotes immune escape.
  • Under these conditions of high immune pressure there are variants that have the capability of overcoming this immune pressure and are basically gaining a competitive advantage on that background of high immune pressure. If the vaccine was applied to a limited population such as (the vulnerable) this is not a problem because the virus will soon be transmitted to other people who do not offer that competitive advantage to that particular variant. This is why we do not see this problem when we vaccinate some people against the flu.
  • However when you vaccinate the whole population and the virus moves from one immunised person to another immunised person the virus encounters the same favorable conditions with each person where it gains that competitive advantage compared to the parental strain. This is how you enrich the viral population with more infectious variants and this is how a virus ultimately becomes dominant.
  • Remember while Alpha was a bad virus it wasn’t infecting young people while Delta and now Omicron infects young people at higher rates.
  • We see that when we start mass vaccination campaigns the infectivity rate goes up and that is simply due to the more infectious variants becoming dominant in the population. This is a problem for you drive the virus to be ultimately resistant to the vaccine antibodies. This is basically what we are seeing with Omicron.
  • Mass vaccination can interfere with our innate immunity which is the first line of defence for many viruses and this includes influenza and corona viruses. The reason innate antibodies are fantastic is because they are not specific to one type of Corona variant and can recognise all different Corona variants and this is because these antibodies basically recognise repetitive patterns of glycans that are simply shared amongst those viruses.
  • So if you start to vaccinate people with these kind of leaky vaccines that we are using and you induce vaccinal antibodies that have a high affinity for the virus these antibodies can now outcompete the innate antibodies and that is problematic as the innate antibodies protect you against a number of viral respiratory diseases and they are also self protective (primary role is to release self antigens which resemble the body and protect the rest of the body and eliminate those so they don’t lead to other immune disease).
  • So suppressing these natural innate antibodies because you vaccinate people and especially children then there is reasonable risk that you may be inducing a number of autoimmune diseases and on you will take away the protection of a number of viruses that normally cause infection in children but they do not cause disease. For example influenza is not a childhood disease nor is coronavirus. Therefore we must not substitute this kind of precious immunity by a very specific type of immunity (mRNA vaccine) which are no longer really capable against Omicron.
  • Innate immunity like the naturally acquired immunity can stop the virus and contributes to herd immunity.
  • So if you vaccinate a large population you will also take away the opportunity for many to develop herd immunity since the vaccines do not generate herd immunity but contrary they are a breeding ground of new more infectious variants.
  • People pushing a vaccine that does not provide sterilizing immunity have greatly underestimated the evolutionary capacity of the virus to escape from an incomplete immune response and secondly they can also interfere with a very precious and important part of the immune system at least as far as corona viruses are concerned namely innate immunity and thereby prevent the population from developing herd immunity and changing the type of immunity that is sterilising in nature to the type of immunity that is doing the opposite and offering a breeding ground for more infectious variants to replicate and transmit and increase in prevalence in the population.
  • In contrast to the start of the pandemic now children get infected but this is because of the high infectious pressure in the population so if we would not have the this high infectious strains circulating we would still have a situation where children, young people and all people who were in good health would not experiencing any problems as was the case in the beginning in Wuhan.
  • We must stop mass vaccination or this will continue.

VIDEO 2: Robert Malone

VIDEO 3: Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

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