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Make YOUR Tennis Serve More Consistent

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TRY THIS To Make YOUR Tennis Serve More Consistent

Building a consistent and reliable serve in tennis requires lots of focused practice and high-quality coaching.

If you have a powerful tennis serve, but lack consistency, you’ll struggle to beat players of your level and above. The number one rule of tennis is to get the ball in play, and nothing beats consistency. Too often, tennis players neglect this rule when it comes to their serve. They’ll hit the serve as hard as they can, which normally results in a fault and loss of control.

In this serve lesson, Coach Simon Konov of Top Tennis Training will show you how to make your tennis serve more consistent.

The Mindset – Having the right mindset will help you massively when it comes to consistency on the serve. We often defeat ourselves in our service games because we go for too much and try to play above our level. The goal when playing tennis matches, both singles and doubles, should be to hit around 60% of your first serves in. This requires playing within ourselves and knowing how much power we can go for, whilst still maintaining that high level of consistency.

The Main Obstacles on the Tennis Court – The first obstacle we have to navigate is the net. To take the net out of play, it’s a good idea to give yourself plenty of margin by using good net clearance. That means that we’ll have to hit up on the ball to some degree, in order to lift the serve off our strings. We can also use the brushing action of the kick serve, even on some first serves. The next obstacle is getting the ball to drop before the lines. This requires spin, using either a slice serve or a kick serve works well. We can also take the lines out of play by aiming for bigger target zones, away from the lines. We don’t have to hit a line in order to hit a good serve. Generally, you’ll want to aim a foot inside either line so you have some margin to miss by.

Video Timeline:
00:00 – Lesson Intro
00:36 – Power vs Consistency on Serve
01:05 – Having The Ideal Mindset
02:28 – Avoiding The Obstacles
05:00 – Visualise The Serve

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