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How Playing Tennis Slowly Improves Your Technique And Timing

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One of the biggest challenges in tennis is hitting the ball late and surprisingly you can correct that by playing tennis slowly.

Not only you lose on power and control (or hit with way too much power because you rush the stroke), your technique also has to break down in order to still somehow manage to put the ball over the net.

The more you hit the ball late, the more you ingrain incorrect technique and create bad habits that are difficult to correct.

The main reason why players hit the ball late is because the ball is too fast for them. And why is the ball too fast? Well, because you play mostly points and your opponents want to pressure you with fast balls.

While you can try to correct the timing and technical flaws one by one, there is a simpler approach that improves all of them at once.

Play slow tennis. 🙂 Watch the video above to learn more…

0:00 Intro
1:00 Why You’re Hitting Late
2:19 Incorrect Wrist Position
3:15 We Get No Swing
5:27 Hit Slow To Get Slow Ball
6:28 Natural Improvement Of Technique
8:25 Start Of The Session
9:56 Middle Of The Session
11:01 End Of The Session
12:08 Conclusion

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