Geert Vanden Bossche: Covid Mass Vaccination Triggering New Pandemics and Epidemics

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Antiviral treatments will become critical to save lives!

In his first interview with The New American, renowned scientist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche described why mass vaccination with non-sterilizing (“leaky”) vaccines could not lead to herd immunity, and why he expected the Covid infection and disease to aggravate in the vaccinated individuals.

The New American is proud to become the first media to speak with Dr. Vanden Bossche about his latest research dedicated to the issue of Covid mass vaccination initiating a chain reaction of new pandemics and epidemics with a potentially catastrophic impact on global health. In addition to that, the doctor explained how the constant Covid reinfections trigger relapse or metastasis of certain cancers in vaccinated people.

If the antiviral treatments are not made massively available to the vaccinated people, the highly vaccinated countries will likely experience a tsunami of hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated, especially the elderly and those vaccinated early on, said Dr. Vanden Bossche.

The doctor pleaded with the parents NOT to vaccinate their children against Covid. The vaccination would irreparably damage their innate immune system and leave them vulnerable to infection and re-infection by Covid and a range of other deadly pathogens. That would result in a massive loss of children’s lives.

Geert says polio vaccine during a pandemic was only time and the reason that worked was because the vaccine actually worked to stop disease and also the transmission.

Polio and smallpox are dangerous for small children, covid is not.

The polio vaccine given in the US is “Inactivated”. The polio vaccine given in some developing countries is live and is called “Live Oral Polio Vaccine”. That’s the one that New York and London have outbreaks of, at the moment.

However, the issue of ADED is currently not limited to zoonotic infections, but even to vaccine-derived poliovirus that has already been found spreading in countries that have high polio vaccine coverage rates. Fully immunized populations used to be protected against infection with poliovirus—however, the disruption of the polio vaccination program during the Covid-19 crisis combined with the enhanced circulation of vaccine-derived poliovirus (VDPV) after the WHO had withdrawn the oral type 2 vaccine around the world (2016) generated the ideal environment for the virus to escape from population-level immune pressure. Mass vaccination in third-world countries using a new OPV-2 vaccine that has a better safety profile (i.e., unlikely to revert to virulence) still induces Abs that are directed at the original polio type 2 strain (and not at the circulating variant, i.e., the VDPV) and is, therefore, only going to intensify immune escape even though the vaccine is live attenuated (that doesn’t help since ‘The horse has already left the barn’!). This is now leading to the dominant circulation of a poliovirus immune escape variant that can be expected to progressively increase its invasiveness/ infectiousness (so it will soon lose its ‘attenuated’ behavior), especially in populations that are highly vaccinated with non-replicating poliovirus! These populations will no longer be able to prevent infection whereas they will still be able to prevent disease (poliomyelitis). This will generate large cohorts of asymptomatic shedders (i.e., vaccinees) who are likely to ignite a new poliovirus pandemic. As immune escape is intrinsically correlated with ADEI, highly vaccinated populations in industrialized countries are likely to see a substantial increase in cases of ADEI-mediated poliomyelitis, especially in industrialized countries.

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