Did The BBC Unwittingly Reveal The True Proportion Of Unvaccinated as at least 20%

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The BBC unvaccinated documentary assumed the ONS claim of just 8% UK adults are unvaxxed (which we challenged). But a large survey commissioned by the BBC for the programme revealed that our claim of over 20% was the true proportion.

In the BBC2 documentary “Unvaccinated” it was claimed that only 8% of the UK adult population is unvaccinated. This is the ONS figure and we challenged this:

But for the programme itself the BBC commissioned a large survey which, we show, revealed that 26% were unvaccinated.

To understand why it is so critical to get an accurate estimate of the proportion of unvaccinated see this 2 minute accompanying video.

This 2-minute video provides a simple graphical explanation of why an accurate estimate of the true proportion of unvaccinated is critical.

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