Another Positive IVERMECTIN Study For COVID-19

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Ivermectin inhibits LPS-induced production of inflammatory cytokines and improves LPS-induced survival in mice

Spike has bacteria (~LPS) that causes symptoms like toxic shock syndrome Ivermectin seems to bind to the bacteria in this study pre-covod

Ivermectin works wonderfully well in all these nations except the US.

That’s 40% of planets population. 85% reduced mortality.

Actual in-real-life scoreboard beats a study every time.


Ivermectin improved mouse survival rate induced by a lethal dose of LPS. In addition, ivermectin significantly decreased the production of TNF-α, IL-1ß and IL-6 in vivo and in vitro. Furthermore, ivermectin suppressed NF-kB translocation induced by LPS.


The results indicate that ivermectin may inhibit LPS-induced production of inflammatory cytokines by blocking NF-kB pathway and improve LPS-induced survival in mice. This finding might provide a new strategy for the treatment of endotoxemia and associated inflammation.

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