Patients Died Needlessly: Early steroid treatments for COVID ignored by WHO

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Umberto Meduri & Paul Marik & Bret Weinstein

Umberto Meduri is a professor of pharmaceutical sciences, and a former professor of medicine at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, in Memphis Tennessee.

Paul Marik is quadruple boarded in Internal Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Neuro Critical Care, and Nutrition Science. Paul Marik was a tenured professor of Medicine, and chief of the division of pulmonary and critical care medicine at the University of Virginia Medical School.

The pattern of blocking effective, safe, generic medications is clearly evident in the story of Umberto Meduri, an excellent physician and researcher who made a remarkable discovery about inflammation of the lung, and a safe and effective treatment with the potential to save hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of lives annually across the globe. The one problem: the drug in question was out of patent. Instead of receiving a Nobel Prize, Dr. Meduri had his career destroyed, and his reputation ruined with pure propaganda. This story, told for the first time here on The DarkHorse Podcast reveals the full depth of the capture of science and medicine, and allows us to see exactly how our response to Covid ended up the exact opposite of good science and medicine.

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